The permanent budget must be approved by March 30.

CANTON City Council on Monday passed a temporary budget to cover early operations in 2020.

The council must approve a permanent budget by March 30.

The temporary budget totals $263.9 million, according to the amended appropriations list. It includes a $10.9 million capital fund and $60.1 million general fund.

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Finance Director Mark Crouse has partly attributed the general fund increase — about $2.8 million more than 2019 — to an additional calendar pay period and 2% raises instituted this year.

Police and fire forces also will receive more money from the general fund.

The Canton Police Department is set to receive $18.9 million, according to the temporary budget. The Canton Fire Department will receive $16.5 million.

Other action

• Objected to the renewal of four liquor permits: R Bar & Grill at 1117 Wertz Ave. NW, Ruby Saloon at 2546 Winfield Way NE (which rebranded as Chivalry Bar and Billiards under a new manager, who has since left), Mills Place & Patio at 3357 Mahoning Road NE, and the Canton Negro Oldtimers Athletic Association at 1016 12th St. NE.

Law Director Kristen Bates Aylward said the city's objection to the R Bar's liquor permit transfer to 918 Cherry Ave. NE still is pending. In the meantime, the city is objecting to the renewal of that license.

The city also has objected to Ruby Saloon's permit in the past because of violence and the repeated need for a police presence, she said.

"We continue to have the same issues," Bates Aylward said.

The city's objection to Mills Place, the owners of which have faced past permit objections at their establishments, was for similar reasons, she said.

For the first time, the city objected to the permit at Oldtimers because of late night events during the summer that police had to "quell," Bates Aylward said.

"That's a shame," she added.

• Amended a city ordinance related to income tax withholding by general construction contractors and subcontractors that work in Canton. In 2016, the council agreed to require all contractors to begin withhold city income tax on the first day of work rather than the 20th, as permitted by the state's "occasional entry rule," according to a memo from the city treasurer.

Chapters in the city's codified ordinances related to various contractors, such as electrical, plumbing and HVAC, include that provision.

However, the memo stated, those changes were "inadvertently left out" of the chapter related to general construction contractors when city ordinances were adopted in 2017.

"When that was adopted, it didn't have the same regulations for all of the other building trades, and so this is simply to make everybody the same, so the tax can be administered equally across all building trades," Chief Deputy Treasurer Michael McEnaney said during a council committee meeting last week.

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