You better hold onto your hat. Donald Trump has failed as "good" Republican ideologue — extreme right-wing extortionist — has been his main weakness. DJT and bullies hate losing! However he can soon start winning again if he leads the Democrats and the few moderate/non-crazy Republicans to work together, he can pass just about any legislation, as long as it’s somewhat progressive. And if his own Republicans don’t mount a filibuster against him.

Why now? An infrastructure bill creating jobs could be next, so might tax reform bill that does something for working people and actually encourages investment. Even a tax bill that lowers capital-gains taxes and raises individual rates may be possible.

Secondly, is Trump’s genuine rage at the "leaders" of his own Republican party — Darth McConnell and Ryan. Until now they have produced nothing except failure for Trump. Why? Their willingness to coddle the extremists while marginalizing and excluding Democrats.

Trump hates being a loser. Being a bully himself, Trump also doesn’t like to be extorted. Thus, it’s possible that, in order to "win," he will start to lead in a progressive direction. After all, he was once a Democrat and can be one again. It’s a "Big Tent" party.

Consistency isn’t Trump’s thing, "winning" is. The Dems have shown Trump how to win. This feeling may become addictive. Let’s all hope so.

Rod Haven