Wooster, she’s listening.

Nell Reardon is a woman of action and passion, a woman who is more than qualified to lead our beloved community as mayor of Wooster. Having spent most of my career teaching side-by-side with Nell, I am convinced of her ability to lead us into an exciting and bright future full of promise.

One who is always alert to suss out what is missing in any given situation and to offer a solution for the problem. For instance, identifying the need for our students to experience, firsthand, interaction with our remaining World War II veterans, Nell initiated programming to host their visitation to Wooster High School through the auspices of the History Club, offering our students the privilege of meeting these brave men and women, a program that is still in place today.

But, perhaps her most important legacy is the wealth of knowledge, caring and support she provided for thousands of our students over her tenure. Nell spent her career preparing and empowering our students to become the best citizens they could be. Nell is familiar with each background represented in our school system, and thus the city, and has learned how to meet each individual where he or she might be and how to provide the encouragement and aid required in each situation.

Undoubtedly, she will pour the same dedication, energy, knowledge, and integrity into the office of mayor that she spent — and still spends — on her students. We live in a community of which to be proud and it is time to introduce fresh eyes and ideas into our city government for the betterment of us all. She is the future of our city, a bright beacon offering hope and a voice to all of our citizens.

Please, study Nell’s platform, then cast your vote for Nell Reardon at the polls on Nov. 5. I’ll see you there.

L. Sue Herman