The lawsuit that East Wayne Fire District (EWFD) has filed against Sugar Creek Township (SCT) will bankrupt SCT’s general fund and put it into fiscal emergency which will have the state auditor come in and take over the township’s finances.

Mitch Steiner, with a background in accounting, has made several changes to help stabilize the finances of the township (capital improvement fund and getting more interest money) and has made changes to have the township become more transparent (quarterly financial reports on website). Mr. Steiner is doing what is best for the entire township.

His opponent, Tom Gregory, was a trustee in 2014 and signed an amended joint resolution to fund the EWFD for $70,000 per year which SCT could not afford. EWFD also did not pay KVFD for its services in 2015 even though it received $70,000 from SCT.

He also resigned his position as trustee.

Comparing what each has done while in office, Steiner has been helping to make SCT more efficient with the money they have. Gregory, a slick talking salesman, had no concern about spending money and having SCT head to bankruptcy. Seems like Gregory is concerned only about himself and not the township. If he is elected, will he finish his term or will he quit again?

Of these two candidates, Steiner is the most qualified for trustee. Please consider voting for Steiner.

David Wengerd

Sugar Creek Township resident