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July 2013 Edition

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Kings Island

Must-see attractions, highlights and tips for a Kinds Island visit.

Vertical Adventures

Party participants will get a workout trying to maneuver up the gym's various rock walls.

Farm Kids

When the Nichols kids want to earn spending money, they turn to what they know best.


Downtown Worthington has plenty of family-friendly places to shop and dine.

The Rule of Three

Providing the illusion of control tends to make things, especially electronic things, needlessly complicated.

The Rules of Packing

After years of overpacking (my 16-year-old self once filled an entire full-size suitcase with shoes for a five-day trip), I've learned a few things:

  1. No matter how much I pack, I generally end up wearing only a rotation of my three favorite items.
  2. No matter how great that tiny dress with the killer heels looks, I can't bring myself to putting either on after an uber-relaxing day at the beach (and my third tub of french fries).
  3. No matter how amazing (or fast) my...

The Backpack Project

This non-profit group brings backpacks and school supplies to families in need.

School Spending

The National Retail Federation says parents spent $688 per child last year on back to school clothes and supplies.

Need Help? Ask the Kids

Columbus arts educator Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld shares more of her wisdom about raising happy, healthy, creative children.

Around Town

Where the happening kids just happened to be

Ticket Giveaway: Kennywood

Ready for a roadtrip? Today we have FIVE family four-pack admission passes to some exciting Pennsylvania attractions

Ticket Giveaway: Picnic with the Pops

To brighten up this gloomy and rainy Monday, we're going to give you the chance to win a set of six tickets to take your family to Picnic with the Pops!

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