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June 2014 Edition

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Divorce Finance

The numbers don't lie: Half of all marriages end in divorce. Just ask the U.S. Census Bureau. Divorce happens. Here are a few tips for handling it.


Lancaster tourism officials want the Fairfield County seat to be known as a place where history and the arts come alive. The city, located just 35 miles southeast of Columbus, offers a mix of historical sites, art-related venues and interesting dining options.


Having visited Memphis before, I knew the Blues City was a place my husband and I would enjoy. I wasn't sure what our boys, ages 7 and 9, would think.

Columbus Parent's Best of Columbus

It's once again time for Columbus parents to weigh in and let us know who's the best at what they do in central Ohio! The 2014 Columbus Parent Best of Columbus contest opens for online voting at 9 a.m. Tuesday, June 3, and voting will continue until 12 noon Tuesday, July 8. The winners and runners-up will be featured in our September issue.

If You Build It… Daring dads and their DIY play structures

While a field of fescue is nice, backyard play structures can go a long way in staving off kids' summertime claims of boredom. Instead of settling for a pre-fab swing set or playhouse-in-a-box, these two homeowners went the DIY route with fantastic results.

Columbus Parent turns 25 years old

It's true of parenting and it's true of parenting magazines: Time sure flies whether you're raising kids or writing about raising kids! Columbus Parent turns 25 years old in 2014 and to celebrate we've compiled not only our own history, but also assembled some interesting facts about how Columbus parenting has changed in the last 25 years.

My Summer (Camp) Guide

My wife and I scheduled our kids - Liam, 6, and Maggie, 4 - for a bunch of camps this summer. Some are half days; others are full days. Some Maggie and Liam can take together; others they're separated by the two-year age difference.

The Kitchen

Tricia and Adam Keels give their take on The Kitchen's Taco Tuesday.

From our readers

My husband and I and three children just moved to Columbus a few months ago. I have checked out a few issues of your paper and loved it.

Four-Legged Family Planning

We've been considering an addition to our family. Let me be more specific: a four-legged addition. There is little debate it will be a dog and not a cat because of my husband's allergies. My family has had many lengthy discussions about what kind of dog will be the best fit for us, what we will name it and, of course, who will be responsible for it.

Getting Started

Forgive us here at Columbus Parent as we engage in a little self-indulgent celebration. This issue marks the 25th anniversary of the magazine's publication! That's quite a milestone in this day and age when magazines come and go with dizzying speed.

Pediatric HealthSource

Q: My newborn nephew was born with something called an imperforate anus. It greatly affects his and his parents' daily lives. It's a sensitive subject among family, but lately my own son, who is 11 years old, has been asking about his baby cousin. How can I explain my nephew's condition in a way that my son will understand?

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