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September 2014 Edition

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Tuffy Bean is Missing

No doubt about it - we are in the midst of a reading crisis! Daily headlines remind us of our obsessive anxiety over reading scores and assessments. In all these alarming messages, one word is nowhere to be seen: LOVE! There! I've said it!

Papaw Love

By night No. 3, I was missing my little guy.

New Albany

Jennifer Lachey sees many similarities between Lewisburg, the small Pennsylvania town where she was raised, and New Albany, where she and her husband, Ron, are raising their three children.

Ohio Renaissance Festival

"Don't let go of mommy's hand and hold on to your sword." If there's ever a place where it is appropriate to utter that phrase, it's at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

The Freezer Meal Party

Transitioning into the school year can be tough. It happens every fall, yet somehow it can throw families for a loop. What if you could take making dinner off the daily to-do list, yet still have home-cooked meals on the table every evening?

Paper Book Feathers

Think twice before you throw that old book into the recycling bin! Book pages can be used to make any number of fun paper crafts. This simple book feather can be used to decorate a gift package or table setting, and smaller feathers can be added to jewelry or used as accessories.

It Pays Off to Pay Off

The average American family using credit cards is carrying a $15,799 balance, according to the credit-counseling agency Consolidated Credit. The typical Ohioan with student loans graduated with $27,713 in debt. The average new-car loan is $27,000, according to Experian Automotive. The rub: if you're a typical middle-class American with a credit card, a college degree and a car, you're in serious debt, and that isn't even counting the house you live in.

Under Pressure

I was homeschooled for just one year. It was third grade, and my mom was homeschooling my fifth-grade brother simultaneously. We usually completed our work side by side at the kitchen table. I have mostly pleasant memories of the experience, but I remember how hard it was not to compare my own progress with my older brother's - particularly the speed with which he completed his assignments.

Treating appendicitis with antibiotics

For parents wanting to steer clear of surgery, a possible treatment option to discuss with their physician is a regimen of antibiotics that could be a possible alternative to an appendectomy.

Extended Fun for the Extended Family

Heather Bowman of Columbus cannot remember a vacation that didn't include her extended family. Since 1994, yearly vacations to Hilton Head Island, S.C., commandeered a spot on the calendar just like a holiday.

WAG! is back!

Central Ohio's largest dog festival is tomorrow (Aug. 23)!

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