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November 2014 Edition

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The Short North

The executive director of the Short North Alliance enjoys seeing strollers rolling through the streets of the historic arts neighborhood. Betsy Pandora considers it a sign of the area's success as a destination.

Giving Thanks Wreath

This family craft activity celebrates an attitude of gratitude during the season of Thanksgiving.

What Teachers Really Treasure

Vickie Guay probably received enough candles and "World's Best Teacher" coffee mugs to fill the back of a pickup truck in her 30 years at St. Mary's School in Lancaster. She certainly loves that her students' parents thought about her every Christmas, but a few gifts stand out among all the rest.

When parents and kids share pop-culture passions

It was the year 2000, just after Lego began releasing Star Wars-themed sets. Visual artist and designer Clinton Reno was still a kid-less bachelor, but the nostalgic pull of Lego and Star Wars was irresistible, so he bought and assembled several sets. After marrying and moving, Reno boxed up the bricks and jettisoned them to the attic, where they collected dust for years.

Happy Birthday, Ella!

No doubt about it - we are in the midst of a reading crisis! Daily headlines remind us of our obsessive anxiety over reading scores and assessments. In all these alarming messages, one word is nowhere to be seen: LOVE! There! I've said it!

Budding bookworms

We have two readers in the house now. Other than being more careful about the Post-it notes I leave around the house and the two sets of eyes peering over my shoulder at text messages, it's a great thing.

5 Ways to Teach an Attitude of Gratitude

Teaching children gratitude may seem especially important at this time of year, when many families are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving. A sense of gratitude, like most characteristics, can take time to develop.

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