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December 2014 Edition

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Creating the Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Every December, the performing arts conspire to get everyone in the holiday mood. Ballet brings its Nutcracker, music offers holiday pops concerts and Handel's Messiah. Theater stages A Christmas Carol but, over the last three decades, a new theatrical tradition has arisen - The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

More About Ellie and Sam

The cast of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at Columbus Children's Theatre is a mix of veterans and newbies. For the 2014 production, CCT's tenth since 1995, this combination of experience and enthusiasm makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the 27 shows in 24 days.

3D Paper Ornament

Handmade ornaments make the Christmas tree both beautiful and unique to your family. An annual night of ornament crafting creates a fun family tradition with results that can be treasured for many holidays to come. Start the tradition this year with an easy and colorful 3D paper ornament!

Home Swede Home

When Kate and I moved into our Clintonville home nine years ago, the place seemed so big. We were moving into a three-bedroom house from a Delaware County rental that had two rooms total. Even after inheriting some well-loved furniture from friends and relatives, the new house still felt empty.

Winter sports safety

Pay close attention to your child during winter sports. As with most sports, there's risk of broken bones, bruises, and sprains and strains. But cold-weather activities have their own special concerns, including the chance of frostbite and frostnip (the first stage of frostbite).

Pie's Gourmet Pizza Bistro

I was excited to try Pie's Gourmet Pizza Bistro because it meant we got to eat pizza on a school night. Usually, Friday is pizza night at our house.

The Slumber Party

No doubt about it - we are in the midst of a reading crisis! Daily headlines remind us of our obsessive anxiety over reading scores and assessments. In all these alarming messages, one word is nowhere to be seen: LOVE! There! I've said it!

Loss of a loved one leaves a void at the holidays

My husband lost his courageous, nearly yearlong fight against stage IV pancreatic cancer in September 2013, leaving behind three beautiful children, ages 7 to 13. In less than four months after his passing, each one of us celebrated a birthday, I acknowledged a wedding anniversary and we all marked two major holidays.

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