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Bearing the Pains of Child Care

Diapers, formula, hospital bills. We all expect new expenses once baby comes along. But there is one cost that might be a bit of a shock: the bill for child care. Most parents work, but profiting from that work becomes much harder once Junior arrives. The cost of child care has risen 255 percent since 1985 according to the Census Bureau, rising at more than twice the rate of inflation.

Disney Hacks

Ever since my first boyfriend dumped me at Disney World - you know, the happiest place on earth - I've had mixed feelings about the place. It truly is magical. The cast members can make even the most skeptical woman a little giddy just with the offering of a sticker. It's clean (Disney legend has it you're never more than 20 paces from a trash can). And it really is fun. But. It's also hot, crowded, exhausting and expensive.

CBJ Road Trips

Gregg Dube grew up in Connecticut, a die-hard fan of the Hartford Whalers. The National Hockey League franchise morphed into the Carolina Hurricanes when they moved to North Carolina in 1997, but Dube eventually found a new team - the Columbus Blue Jackets - to cheer for when he and his family moved to Columbus in 2011.

Moxie's Gifts, Candy and Party Room

Mary Rodgers understands people have different reasons for renting a party room.That's why she tries to be as flexible as possible with the party hosts who rent the Moxie's party room attached to her Clintonville candy and gift shop.

Childcare Directory


ABC Learning Adventures Preschool

94 West Main St., Alexandria 43001


Age Range: 3 years-5 years 11 months

Accreditation: Three Star


Childcare Directory


Cheryl DeVere

Taylor Lane Ave., Hilliard 43026


Age Range: 1 month 2 weeks-5 years

Accreditation: NAFCC


Childcare Directory


Rainbow Child Care, Too!*

5571-5575 Hilliard Rome Office Park, Hilliard 43026


Age Range: 5 years-12 years

Accreditation: Three...

Cotton Swab Snowflakes

Stuck inside on a blustery afternoon? This project can be completed with items found around the house and will keep tiny hands busy creating their own little winter wonderland.

King-Lincoln District and Olde Towne East

Families heading to the Lincoln Theatre or Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens need to leave room in their itineraries to visit some of the other attractions in the area.

Brady Brings It

Our cover kid this month is Brady Sanford. This 6-year-old Worthington resident doesn't just look tough: He is tough.

Sibling Revelry

This "Good News, Dad News" column has been around for more than two years now, so I recently did a quick scan of these pieces to see if there are some glaring topical omissions I should include in the new year. Nothing jumped out, but I did notice a pattern. Much of what I talk about in these pages are the surprises - the unexpected twists and turns and highs and lows of parenting.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Organizers of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration at the King Arts Complex want the families who attend to gain a better understanding of the civil rights movement.

Managing childhood diabetes

Managing and monitoring diabetes are in your child's best interest. It is very important to always consult your pediatrician and pediatric endocrinologist about your child's health. Secondly, educate yourself and anyone involved in your child's care in order to debunk any myths you hear about managing diabetes. Here are some examples of common myths.

Childcare Directory

Columbus Parent and Action for Children have teamed up again this month to bring you our Childcare Directory. Action for Children is a nonprofit childcare resource and referral agency that has been serving Central Ohio families since 1972.

NORAD Santa tracker

The North American Aerospace Defense Command is tracking Santa Claus again this Christmas.

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