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March 2015 Edition

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Be Picky with Pricey Produce

I used to think an apple was just an apple. Boy, was I wrong. Certain varieties of apples have 10 times the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients of lesser apples.

Recycled CD Ladybugs

Here's a project that makes use of those CDs and introduces the younger members of your family to these "ancient artifacts."

Blame Game Gets in the Way of Positive Change

Family sessions are sometimes like a shoving match during a football game; everybody points fingers at everyone else and expects the referees to figure out who started the fight.

Should They Stay or Should They Go?

We were living in another part of the world - Australia, to be specific, because of my husband's job - and summer camps were just as big there as they are here. I was really looking forward to having my 10-year-old daughter and my 5-year-old son meet other kids Down Under. How better than through camps, I figured.

Variety vs. Continuity

Summer camp is a part of many children's lives, and the options for where to go and what to do continue to expand. It's wonderful to have so many choices, but parents often find they need to choose between sending their child to one camp for the entire summer or to several that will fill those warm-weather months with fun and learning.

Day of Arts for All

Organizers of the Day of Arts for All want to engage attendees on many levels.

Mozart's Restaurant, Bakery and Piano Cafe

As someone who considers chocolate to be among the major food groups, I was excited to visit Mozart's Restaurant, Bakery and Piano Cafe and sample their famous desserts. Convincing my daughter to join me wasn't too hard either.

Minivan musings

It was 2007 when my wife, Kate, and I needed to replace one of our sedans. Something roomier seemed to make sense.

Urgent care or emergency room?

It is vital for a pregnant woman with congenital heart disease to have strong support from a multidisciplinary team experienced with her heart condition and the effect of pregnancy on that condition.

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