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April 2015 Edition

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Berlin, Ohio

A drive through Ohio's Amish country is a fun way to enjoy life at a slower pace and taste some of the best homemade food the Buckeye State has to offer. Berlin, Ohio, is less than a two-hour drive from Columbus, yet it is like stepping into another world.

3-D Recycled Poppy Bouquet

Did you know that most egg cartons are not recyclable by the city of Columbus? Luckily, they have plenty of re-uses!

Earth Day Celebration

Members of Hilliard's Environmental Sustainability Commission believe that all residents of the city can play a role in helping improve the planet.

Serving Up Spidey

Cooper crawled into bed that cold Friday morning and snuggled up beside me.


Kyle Miller chose to open his kid-oriented businesses in Hilliard - also where he lives - because he likes the additional connection that community brings.


Goalball is a relatively young sport, first created in 1946 in order to help rehabilitate military veterans whose vision had become impaired during World War II. The ball used has jingling bells embedded inside it, so the players can hear it as it rolls across the playing court. They block the ball by stretching out their bodies along the court.

Stay in Touch

Health crises and other life-altering events can leave you feeling isolated and alone. Thankfully, modern technology offers families many tools for staying connected and finding support during hard times.

Schools That Serve

Central Ohio is home to a number of schools that focus on educating children who have special needs, be they medical, developmental and/or emotional. The schools offer a variety of services ranging from specialized therapies to counseling to music programs.

Passions and passing fads

Most parents have experienced a scenario like this: "I really, really, really want to play 'insert hobby here.' I will practice daily. I will take care of it. I really, really, really want to do this."

Modeling Messing Up

The new year brought yet another viral story involving parenting. Alex, a 5-year-old in the UK, missed his friend's birthday party, which took place on a ski slope. Alex's parents previously had said he would attend, but after Alex was a no-show, the mother of the birthday boy invoiced Alex's parents for about $25.

Can We Talk?

One of my favorite quotations is a Buddhist saying, "You have come here to find what you already know!" So - this is more a reminder than a bit of news or new information.

How to Praise Kids: What Works and What Doesn't

With so much focus on making sure kids have "good self-esteem," we parents tend to take every opportunity to tell our kids that they're great. However, two influential researchers have discovered that self-esteem is based on kids feeling a sense of control over their environments.

Seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies occur during warm weather months, spring through fall in our part of the country, and are triggered by plant pollens in the air.

Broadband with a slim budget

Americans have adjusted to the post-recession economy by cutting back significantly on everything from restaurant meals to new clothes, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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