Daily Distraction: Listen to some new Christmas music

Andy Downing
Michael Christmas

Back in 2019, rapper Michael Christmas discussed his fascination with making music about everyday occurrences, such as microwaving a Hot Pocket (and subsequently burning his mouth) on the song "Daily." 

“I feel like something crazy or weird happens in front of me or to me every day, and I think these small things in life don’t get talked about enough for how cool or beautiful they are," he said at the time.

New song "I Heard" continues this trend, with the sharp-witted Boston rapper dipping his toe in the rumor mill, imagining the conversations people might have had about him in the time he's been stowed away working on new material.

"I heard he went vegan, seen a picture, think he losing weight," Christmas raps on the track, where whisper campaigns also suggest he's been recording with Drake, nursing a cocaine habit and signing up for our daily newsletter.

Give the song a listen in the video below.