Media Reviews: Cozy up With These Winter-Themed Children’s Books with Titles for All Ages

Enjoy these seasonal reads and a multimedia science and social studies website, all recommended by the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Carolyn Nims
A Thousand White Butterflies

A Thousand White Butterflies

By Jessica Bentancourt-Perez and Karen Lynn Williams, illustrated by Gina Maldonado

Isabella is a recent immigrant from Colombia, and she is excited to start school and make new friends. However, what would be her first day of school is canceled because of snow, much to her dismay. But there is always hope! This lovely book is the very sweet and inspiring story of her first snow day and her first friend in a new country. FOR AGES 5-8

Johnny Boo and the Silly Blizzard

Johnny Boo and the Silly Blizzard

By James Kochalka

Johnny Boo is back with a tale that lives up to the title. This graphic novel will make for a lively and goofy read-aloud for families. Johnny Boo’s antics will tickle the imagination and show even the most reluctant readers that reading is fun. Also, Kochalka’s bold and whimsical art style is sure to inspire burgeoning and seasoned artists alike. FOR AGES 4-6

Snow Birds

By Kirsten Hall, illustrated by Jenni Desmond

This delightful book of children’s poetry is a celebration of language, birds and these colder months. Hall captures the music of birdsong and the stark beauty of winter in these light, clever verses. In her illustrations, Desmond depicts the expressive, delicate movement of birds with grace. After reading this book, both children and adults will find a renewed appreciation for the natural world. FOR AGES 4-8

The Sea in Winter

By Christine Day

This is the beautifully written and wonderfully compelling story of Maisie, a middle schooler, daughter to Native parents and an aspiring dancer. While recovering from a serious injury that keeps her from ballet—her primary creative outlet—she must learn new ways to express herself and find joy in life. An exploration of mental health and inner strength, this #OwnVoices novel is great for fans of realistic fiction. FOR AGES 8-12

The Winter Duke

By Claire Eliza Bartlett

This LGBTQIA+ inclusive fantasy is absolutely riveting. A story in the vein of Anastasia meets Sleeping Beauty, this is a tale of court intrigue. Ekata Avenko must hold her own when she is unexpectedly thrust into power after a mysterious curse puts the rest of her royal family into a magical slumber. Ekata would rather be studying biology at the university than engaging in a life-or-death political struggle, but she is fierce and formidable in her own right. She shocks everyone by marrying a foreign princess, angering so-called allies in the process. This fast-paced novel will surely have readers rooting for an unlikely heroine as she must outmaneuver the enemy in the epic chess game that is court politics. FOR TEENS


Try This Website


Accessible through the Research page on, TrueFlix by Scholastic is a highly interactive multimedia resource site for social studies and science. Children can select a subject of interest and watch informative videos on the topic, as well as read or listen to countless nonfiction books. The site also includes ideas for extending the learning experience through related activities and projects. FOR AGES 7-11

Carolyn Nims is an information services specialist at the Karl Road branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.