Because Mommas are amazing

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But as expertly as schedule-juggling Mommas are at managing families, we sometimes fail to carve out enough time (and money) for ourselves.

Enter me, your Fairy Godmother of Fabulousness. (This is a self-given title. My husband would probably tell you I need to help weed more often -- or ever -- to deserve this title. But whatever.)

This monthly column, Vitamin Me, will offer remedies for recharging. I might suggest a great beauty product, a fun place to visit, a trendy new top or whatever else I deem grand enough to warrant the precious three minutes (and I don't say that facetiously!) it takes you to read this.

I know that your time and money are valuable, and I will always write this with that in mind. I hope this column can serve as a bite-sized bit of girlfriend-to-girlfriend dish that sprinkles a touch of glitter into your life.

Because Mommas truly are amazing -- and we should treat ourselves accordingly.

My first recommendation is this: Try a class at V Power Yoga (it's Downtown in the Warehouse District -- 240 N. Fifth St., to be precise).

This isn't meditative or slow, and there's no chanting or anything else that might seem scary: It's just a fast-paced, athletic, sweaty, tail whooping. For years, I tried different types of yoga at various places. But it wasn't until I tried it here that I became an addict.

One class at this studio will leave you simultaneously exhausted and energized (and potentially sore, too).

Classes are available all day, seven days a week, but for beginners, I highly recommend Lisa's Wednesday 6 p.m. or Saturday 12:30 p.m. classes.

Drop-in classes cost $15. Check for more info.

Oh, and most importantly -- enjoy yourself! (And then afterward, bake yourself a batch of Ghirardelli dark-chocolate brownies. I use two boxes, make them with olive oil, and underbake them just a touch. They are delectable. You'll deserve them!)

Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style, a bimonthly women's magazine published by The Dispatch Printing Company. To sign up for her weekly e-newsletter, visit