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The focus of 40 Plus of Central Ohio is on training members on how to conduct a competitive job search in the current market. The company focuses on assisting individuals who are in a career transition or entering the work force again after some period of time away. Members learn to:

  • Create a 30-second speech to introduce themselves and their missions to others.
  • Identify the target companies or industries that offer the position(s) sought and work to find contacts in those companies who can help members connect to a hiring manager.
  • Build a list of contacts from friends, neighbors, alumni groups, social groups, former colleagues, hair stylists, doctors and anyone else who can assist in the job search.
  • Reconnect to those on the contact list via phone, e-mail, lunch, coffee, or other ways to express the need for information and to thank them for their assistance .
  • Have a detailed resume or career profile available to distribute to potential hiring personnel.
  • Take advantage of agencies and services that can provide information or insight while in the job search. Examples include: the public library, Better Business Bureau, Department of Job Services, United Way, Small Business Association, networking groups, and the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Attend networking events or job fairs to let people and companies know you are available and how your skill set can contribute to their businesses.
  • Remember to keep records of your contacts so you can follow up later.
  • Consolidate a job search plan that is used as a roadmap for the job search.

For more information, contact Mark Gillotti, 40 Plus of Central Ohio, at (614) 570-0256.

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