Family favorites for fall

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Columbus Parent

Curious George's Halloween

By N.T. Raymond and Kelly Loughman

Join your favorite little monkey as he carves a pumpkin, tries on costumes and goes trick-or-treating! Every page of this board book features a different Halloween poem, great for encouraging phonological awareness. Ages 3-6.

Only a Witch Can Fly

By Alison McGhee

It's Halloween and a young girl yearns to fly through the night sky on her broom, but only witches can fly, right? Poetic language and charming linoleum block prints make for an enchanting tale of perseverance. Ages 4-8.

Dirk Bones and the Mystery of the Missing Books

By Doug Cushman

Dirk Bones, reporter for The Ghostly Tombs, goes on assignment to interview scary book author Edgar Bleek and finds himself right smack in the middle of a mystery. What better place to find answers than the Ghostly Town Library? Ages 6-8.

Magic Tree House: A Good Night for Ghosts

By Mary Pope Osborne

Merlin the Magician sends Jack and Annie on another mission to find a special artist, and help that artist share his or her talent with the world. This time the brother and sister travel back in time to 1915 New Orleans where they encounter real ghosts and meet a young Louis Armstrong. Ages 7-9.

Nelly the Monster Sitter: Grerks, Squurms & Water Greeps

By Kes Gray

Nelly Morton is the most popular babysitter in town. That's because she's the only person who is brave (or crazy) enough to babysit for monsters! Whether she's rescuing a runaway gog, chasing after a Squurm, or fighting crime with Water Greeps, one thing is sure: Nelly's job is never boring. Ages 9-12.

Emily the Strange: The Lost Days

By Rob Reger and Jessica Gruner

Creepy comic book character Emily the Strange stars in her first novel. After waking up in the weird town of Blackrock with a bad case of amnesia, Emily embarks on a mission to figure out who she is and how she got there. Written in a diary format with plenty of sketchy characters, creepy sketches, and dark humor, this is sure to be a hit with Emily fans everywhere. Ages 12-17.

A free online video library created specifically for kids. This site is divided into three different channels based on the ages of the viewers: Juniors (preschool age), Kids (ages 4-7), and Maniacs (ages 8+). Episodes are approximately 30 minutes long and include independently produced live-action and animated series, like Care Bears, Animalia and Hammerboy.

Reviewed by Rebecca Schmelzer, team lead I, teen services at the Livingston Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.