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Columbus Parent

It cleans!

White vinegar will clean sticky residue off a scissor blade. Or ballpoint-pen ink that your budding Ralph Steadman put on the wall. Or berry stains from your hands. Or gunk that you just can't reach on the inside of a Thermos (mix two parts warm water, one part vinegar, add uncooked white rice, cover and shake well).

It explodes!

Ignite your little Einstein's enthusiasm by creating a volcano (outside) by molding some Play-Doh around the mouth of a water bottle (leaving an opening). Fill the bottle almost to the top with warm water. Then add red dye, a dollop of liquid dishwashing detergent and another dollop of baking soda. Finally, pour some white vinegar into the bottle, then stand back!

It cures everything!

Well, leg cramps maybe. And hiccups supposedly. For leg cramps, old wives swear by a concoction of hot water in a tea cup with a tablespoon of apple-cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey. For hiccups, swallow a teaspoon of any type of vinegar (although, as with most hiccup remedies, the distraction of chugging down anything unusual is probably what gets things back to normal).