Game Review: Spider-Man

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

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And now, from our intrepid games reviewer, Shawn Sines, comes his assessment of a timely title - Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time (T for Teen, $60, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)

Last year Spidey games made a great comeback after a few lackluster movie tie-ins with Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. That title featured four different versions of the wall-crawler, each with distinct powers and different gameplay.

"Spider-Man: Edge of Time," which is made by the same team of talented folks, drops the roster down to two – Amazing Spider-Man and his futuristic counterpart, Spider-Man 2099.

Edge of Time presents an altered future set in motion by the premature death of Peter Parker and leading to a dark and dangerous change to Spider-Man 2099's reality. So, 2099 hops a time tunnel back to the modern era and teams up with his predecessor to prevent Peter's demise. "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" is a fun action game that shines a spotlight on one of the best alternate versions of the arachnid superhero character.