Family Recipes

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

My grandmother was an amazing baker. She made light and fluffy apricot rolls, gooey chocolate chip cookies and fabulous pies.

Whenever my cousins or I would ask her for recipes, she would always smile and say, "Oh, you would never take the time to do what I do. There's no sense giving you the recipe."

And as we were all busy college students and young professionals, we never pushed the issue. (I doubt if any of us even owned a rolling pin.)

Now that she's gone, her delicious contributions are missing from our holiday feasts. My cousins and I regret never pressing her for the recipes.

The lesson I learned is always ask friends and families for their recipes. Most times they areflattered. With the holidays coming up, I'm going to take photos of family members with their special dishes. I will place the photos with the recipes in my cookbook. It should be a great way to savor the memories.