Last-Minute Gift Guide

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Columbus Parent

Oh, this isn't for you, of course. But maybe you know someone who could use some help with their last-minute gift shopping this month. So to help them, we've expanded our regular Product Pix feature to include a few more helpful hints of the holiday season.


They're skooshy and colorful, made from molded natural foam rubber with a fuzzy nylon surface. A Rubbabu ($6.95) is a great little toy for the child who is both motion- and animal-obsessed. They come in a wide array of bright colors and animal types if you're inclined to build a menagerie!

Available at SoBo Style, 3282 N. High St. (Clintonville), Columbus 43202, 614-447-8880,

Super Shades

It's important to protect peepers no matter how cold it is outside, because the sun's rays are still shining through those winter clouds. These Three Cheers for Girls sunglasses ($8) come in fun patterns and offer 100 percent UV-ray protection.

Available at Nicole's for Children, 55 E. Olentangy St., Powell 43065, 614-433-0503,

Fun for Busy Bees

Larson's Toys and Games can help you rejuvenate family game night with some affordable games like Speedeebee! or Shrimp Cocktail ($15). Speedeebee is a fun word game where speed and creativity count. In Shrimp Cocktail - think War meets the Match Game - players must harvest more shrimp than their opponents.

Available at Larson's Toys and Games, 1617 W. Lane Ave., Upper Arlington 43221, 614-486-7701,

Watershed gin

Some of the best gin in town just happens to come from one of Columbus's local distilleries, Watershed. Four Peel Gin is Watershed's signature drink, and it has such a pleasant, citrusy taste that Dad may not even want the tonic. Find 750-ml bottles for about $28.

Available at Weiland's Gourmet Market, 3600 Indianola Ave. (Clintonville), Columbus 43214, 614-267-9878,; or several Kroger locations, check

Learning in 3-D

When is a circle not just a circle? When it's a work of art like those featured in "How Many: Spectacular Paper Sculptures" by Ron Van Der Meer ($10). Each page of this extraordinary popup book features a fanciful sculpture intricately designed from basic geometric shapes. A great way to teach shapes, colors and patterns, each page also includes questions about each sculpture, from counting and identifying shapes for young kids to thought-provoking riddles for adults. With so many ways to play and learn, "How Many" is certainly not one-dimensional.

Available at The Book Loft, 631 S 3rd St. (German Village), Columbus 43206, 614-464-1774,

Clippie Cuties

Say goodbye to boring bows, it's time for an accessory as unique as your daring diva. Craving Cuteness, the online boutique of local artist Tiffani Tobin, offers one-of-a-kind hair clippies ($3.25-$3.50) for your one-of-a-kind kid. These adorable accessories are handcrafted with premium ribbon and heat-sealed for extra durability

Available at HYPERLINK ""

Janod Duo Dominoes and Puzzle Memory Game

Traditional games you played as a kid meet fun, fresh whimsy your little ones will love. Packaged in an easy carry case, players will find wooden dominoes ($21) that double as a memory game and also puzzle pieces. Janod's high-quality toys have been well loved in France for 40 years and their toys have just become available in the U.S. this year.

Available at Fritzy Jacobs, 635 High St., Worthington 43085, 614-885-8283,

Put Some Boogie in Your Pen

Kids and adults will have something to say on this LCD writing tablet ($35) that easily erases. Users can write lists, play games and doodle on the screen that is powered by a watch battery. Images erase with the touch of a button.

Available at Larson's Toys and Games, 1617 W. Lane Ave., Upper Arlington 43221, 614-486-7701,

Monster Fun

Add a touch of monster truck mania to your holidays with the Creativity for Kids Monster Truck Custom Shop ($35). The kit allows kids to build four custom trucks. Once built, the durable trucks are ready to zoom around the house!

Available at Cute as a Button, 38 W. Olentangy St., Powell 43065, 614-330-9408,

A Rose E'er Blooms

With this beautiful scarf ($15) and its swirling-fabric detail, a rose can bloom all year for Mom or Grandma or maybe your favorite teacher! It's made by Rikka.

Available at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center gift shop, 505 W. Whittier St. (Brewery District), Columbus 43215, 614-545-5475,