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BEAR'S BIG DAY by Salina Yoon

It's Bear's first day of school, and he wants to prove that he is a brave big kid. While his new backpack is full of all the essential school supplies, he decides to leave his cherished stuffed bunny, Floppy, at home. Once at school, Bear doesn't feel like participating in class activities-something is missing! What could it be? Read along as Bear's new teacher helps him discover that being grown up doesn't mean doing everything alone. Your young reader will love the third book in the Bear and Bunny series by this award-winning author-illustrator. AGES 4-8


A slim nonfiction handbook published by American Girl, this title is designed to help girls in middle grades develop healthy study habits. Emma MacLaren Henke encourages a holistic approach to school success, advising readers on everything from designating an organized study space at home to eating a well-balanced diet rich in brain-boosting super-foods. Young readers will stay engaged with the content, which includes interactive quizzes such as "What's Your Study Style?" and infographics about finding reliable information on the web. A great selection for building confidence and sharing among friends. AGES 8-12

SAVE ME A SEAT by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan

Joe's best friends moved away, leaving him alone at school. The new kid, Ravi, just moved to Joe's small town of Hamilton, New Jersey, where people can't even pronounce his name. Despite their obvious differences, the pair soon form a shared commitment to stand up to the class bully. Through alternating points of view penned by different authors, Joe and Ravi each navigate their first week of fifth grade throughout the span of the book. Young readers will enjoy this humorous and suspenseful tale dealing with important themes such as culture, bullying, friendship and being different. AGES 8-12

DRAW THE LINE by Laurent Linn

Adrian Piper is a talented artist who struggles to fit in at his high school in small-town Texas. While he is most comfortable at his drawing table creating his superhero comic, Graphite, his journey takes a surprising twist when he is witness to a hate crime. Does Adrian have what it takes to reveal his true self while standing up to discrimination? Adrian's epic journey includes LGBT themes as well as diversity, visibility, coming-of-age and romance. Graphic novel fans will appreciate the interspersed comic panels in this powerful story. FOR TEENS

-Kelly Young, Homework Help Center Specialist, Franklinton Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library

Khan Academy (

Designed for learners "from kindergarten to calculus," this free app and website offers practice exercises and instructional videos for math, foreign language, science, computer programming and more. Learners advance at their own pace and have a personalized dashboard that keeps track of their progress and empowers them to go further as they successfully master each concept.

Students needing to review content from class will find this website valuable, as instructional videos can be paused and reviewed. Imagine having a free tutor knowledgeable in any subject and available at the click of a button-it's that easy!

Create an account through Khan Academy for your student to join more than 42 million other learners around in globe in advancing their knowledge.