Button Ornaments

Olivera Bratich

Spice up your decor this holiday season with these easy- and fun-to-make button ornaments. Spread out a pile of buttons on the kitchen table and bring in the whole family for the project. Younger kids will enjoy sorting the buttons by color and older kids can let their imaginations go wild with the characters and creatures they can make with these simple materials.


*Buttons of several colors and sizes (white, red, green and black buttons work best for the projects pictured)

*Pipe cleaners

*Felt and ribbon scraps




1. Fold a pipe cleaner in half. Twist the two loose ends together about one half-inch from the fold, creating a loop. This is how your ornament will hang.

2. If you are using 2-hole buttons, push the pipe cleaner ends through both holes. If you are using 4-hole buttons, push the pipe cleaner ends through diagonal holes.

3. Continue to stack buttons onto the pipe cleaners until you create the shape of your choosing.

3a. For the wreath, leave a little space between each button, so you can bend the pipe cleaners into a circle. You'll attach the loose ends to the loop by twisting the pipe cleaner.

3b. For Santa, twist a small piece of pipe cleaner around the middle to create arms. Separate the two ends of the body pipe cleaner toward the bottom to create legs.

4. When you come to the end of the shape, twist the end of the pipe cleaner into a ball, so the buttons do not slide off. This is a step for adults as the end of the pipe cleaner can feel very sharp. Be careful!

5. Use scissors, glue and felt or ribbon scraps to attach accessories like eyes, noses, beards and bows.


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