Hands On: 3-D Tulips

Olivera Bratich
3-D Tulips

Spring is in full bloom, and you can re-create the look of a colorful tulip bouquet using simple materials. These make a great seasonal decoration or Mother's Day gift, and kids will learn folding techniques and build 3-D design skills.


*Construction paper, green and another color

*Green pipe cleaners

*Tacky glue

*Hot glue gun (optional)


*Cutting mat (or a mouse pad)


*Bone folder (or a butter knife)


1. Draw a basic tulip shape, approximately 3 inches wide, on a piece of thick construction paper or cardstock. Cut it out to use as a template.

2. Trace the template four times on the paper color of your choice. Cut out each shape. All four shapes will be used to make one tulip.

3. Place a cut-out tulip on the cutting mat or mouse pad. Lay the ruler vertically in the middle of the shape and press down. Run the dull side of the butter knife or a bone folder alongside the ruler, pressing hard.

4. Fold the tulip along the crease. The indentation or “valley” should be on the outside of the fold.

5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the remaining three tulip shapes.

6. Glue the sides of two tulips together. Leave the other sides unglued. Repeat with the other two shapes. You now will have two pieces instead of four.

7. Cut a pipe cleaner in half.

8. Glue the pipe cleaner between the two tulip halves, using tacky glue or a hot glue gun (with older kids). If using tacky glue, paperclip the sides together while they dry.

9. Cut out leaves from green construction paper and glue them to the pipe cleaner.


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