Hands-On Children's Craft: Create a Busy Bee Art Gallery

Show off children’s creativity using these cute clips, which make it easy to rotate their work.

Olivera Bratich
Transform a few clothespins into a creative art display.

Spring is in the air and our hardworking friends, the bees, are back in business. If your little bees are busy making new artwork for the season, you can use these bee clips to hang up their art in the house. Create your own little art gallery!



*Yellow and black acrylic paint

*Black construction paper

*Googly eyes

*Black pipe cleaners



*Tacky glue

*String (optional)


1. Paint the clothespins yellow. Let them dry.

2. Paint black stripes on the clothespins. Let dry.

3. Draw a large number 8 on black construction paper. Cut it out and turn it sideways. Repeat for each clothespin. These will be your bee wings.

4. Glue the wings to the back of each clothespin. Glue googly eyes onto the front, on the end where you pinch the clothespin open.

5. Cut pipe cleaners into 2-inch pieces. Curl each end into a small ball. Glue these antennae to the top inside surface of each clothespin. Attach clothespins to a piece of string for hanging, if desired.

6. Let your bees do the work of hanging onto your artwork!


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This story is from the Spring 2021 issue of Columbus Parent