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Columbus Parent

Few books are as (pick one) dumb, silly or laugh-out-loud funny as those in Dav Pilkey's "Dumb Bunny" series.

At the start of vacation season, Momma, Pappa and Baby Bunny are headed on a field trip in The Dumb Bunnies Go to the Zoo (Blue Sky, 32 pages, $16.99, ages 5 to 10). First, though, they're picking flowers and vegetables in the garden -- with real picks that disrupt the pun-filled produce: sweet potatoes kissing, tulips shaped like mouths, petunias that look like tuna fish.

At the zoo, the Bunnies repeatedly mistake exotic animals for the birds or mice perched on signs in front of their cages. "The sign says 'elephant,' " says Poppa Bunny. "I didn't know elephants had wings and feathers."

The most appealing inventions may be Pilkey's labels. At the concession stand: "hot dogs, chili dogs and room-temperature dogs." On the lion's cage: "Bitus yourarmus offus").

Pilkey, creator of Captain Underpants and Dog Breath, has turned in his fourth Dumb Bunny book, and it's just what you'd expect from a guy who shaved the "e" off his first name.