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If you've read some of my recent articles about girl games you know that I've had to review some pretty bad games lately and I just knew that I would end up having these two games plop in my lap. Lo and behold, I arrive in Columbus to visit and one of my editors puts them in my hands. Imagine my excitement.

Now we have Circus Star and Lumberjacks from Go Play. Tyler immediately forces me to put them in when we get back to Youngstown and to my surprise, they're not THAT bad! Majesco Games has introduced a new series of games which it's calling the Go Play games to get families off their feet and in the game together, all with Wii motion control goodness!

Lumberjacks: (Wii) Rated E for Everyone

Circus Star: (Wii) Rated E for Everyone

Lumberjacks and Circus Star are both set up mini-game style with the player taking on the role of a competitor in a lumberjack competition or a new circus performer respectively. Chop, saw and log run using the Wii remote's motion control system in Lumberjacks or do circus tricks and walk the tightrope using the Wii remote as a balancing tool. The games pretty much work off of an unlock system where you have to win an event to unlock more events, and the list of events is pretty huge.

A long time ago I wrote an article about the Wii balance board and how companies could utilize it. In both games, they include Wii balance board controls for every mini-game, and it seems to work pretty well. I will say however that Lumberjacks works better with the Wii remote and Circus Star works better with the balance board, as the Wii remote controls are real tough to get used to in CS.

The graphics are pretty solid as far as Wii games go and the controls are easily adaptable. All in all the games are worth a look, but I will say in a gender sense that your boys will probably like Lumberjacks and your girls will probably prefer Circus Stars.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We will continue to send Craig girl games to review just to completely annoy him.