Polly sigh

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Poor baby didn't like when people where mean to her. Ooby wooby widdle Sarah-barah, those mean old media people.

Oh, get over yourself, girlfriend! Part of the political game is dissension. What we hope for is civil discourse. What we get all too often is character assassination.

One NPR commentator had this to say about Ms. Palin: "Conservatives have little patience for feminists who argue that the deck is stacked against women of childbearing age, that our assumptions about how work and family life should be organized make it very difficult for women - especially those with kids still at home - to have the kinds of careers ambitious men take for granted. What, then, do they say about the questions Palin was pressured to answer that none of her male competitors are ever asked, about how she'd balance her public duties with her private ones?"

The commentator continued, "Like everybody else interested in politics, I am dying to know what Palin does next. But I particularly want to know if her time in the hot seat has left her with any more compassion than she has demonstrated to this point about how hard it can be for so many other people to put a life together. And even more important, I'd like to know what ideas she has about how to make things better for the next Sarah Palin."

Polly has some ideas for the next woman in line. Act like a big girl, baby! Don't whine, don't fuss. Do your homework and make it clear that your are the BGIC (Big Girl In Charge). Don't make excuses and don't feel like you need to explain yourself. Be the woman who maintains civil discourse and expects it from those around her. Be the Polly you want to see in the world.