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Hardcore gamers look for crazy graphics, amazing gameplay and overall video game amazingness. If the game you're playing isn't pushing the limits of your system, then the game is probably not good enough for you.

Recreational gamers, on the other hand, are usually completely okay with sub-par graphics and lower quality games as long as the game is fun, full of ingenuity and allows for multiplayer party goodness. Minigames, unlockables and hanging out with friends are key game points for recreational gamers.

With all that being said, I find that I am a balanced mix of the two gaming types. I'm a big fan of groundbreaking games, but I also love to hang out with my friends and beat them repeatedly in multiplayer fun games. It's because of this mix of gaming styles that I always find myself in a conundrum when shopping for games or even picking games for review. My Xbox 360 is definitely my console of choice, but as you probably know, not many 360 games are kid safe. That brings me to the Wii, a recreational gamer's paradise.

The Wii seeps ingenuity from its plastic case with motion controlled gameplay, the Wii balance board, and even just the controller scheme (Wii remote and nunchuck combo). Motion control technology is where it's at in today market with Sony trying to mimic it in their PS3 controllers and the Xbox 360 working on their new Project Natal software. But Nintendo is not stopping there! Releasing on July 25th, and bundled with Wii Sports Resort, is the new Wii MotionPlus accessory which takes the motion control of the Wii Remote to a whole new level.

Wii Sports Resort (Wii) Rated E for Everyone

If you own a Wii, you have played Wii Sports, because it came with your Wii for goodness sake. Wii Sports was released by Nintendo and shipped with every Wii just to show off the motion control technology in their Wii remotes. If you're anything like me, you played the heck out of Wii Sports and occasionally put it in just for kicks. My son and I still have a vendetta with each other on Wii Bowling (he's winning). Well, Nintendo has taken Wii Sports to the next level with the release of Wii Sports Resort which includes 12 new games and uses the new MotionPlus accessory to give players pinpoint hand control which completely mimics your hand motions.

The games in Wii Sports Resort are Frisbee, power cruising, swordplay, table tennis, golf, air sports, basketball, archery, cycling, bowling, canoeing and wakeboarding.

As I said before, the MotionPlus accessory adds a new motion control to your Wii remote. The Wii remote picks up hand movement as it did before, but the new accessory adds a balancing effect and motion control on the bottom of your Wii remote for improved system accuracy of the movement of your hands. Layman's terms? If you swing like a golf club, it will mimic the snap of your wrist. If you pull back the nunchuck in archery, the Wii remote will aim with pinpoint accuracy at your target. It's pretty amazing, in my own personal opinion, and if Wii Sports Resort is as addictive as the original, my girlfriend may get starved for quality time with me.

Also, you can buy the MotionPlus accessories separately to arm your other three Wii remotes with motion control awesomeness! It's definitely worth a look, especially for the Wii Sports addicts out there.

Lastly, to any of my family or friends out there reading this, my birthday is two days after the release of the above reviewed game, just saying

Check out my next article for kid-safe online games!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Happy birthday, big guy!

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