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So first it was wizards, then it was vampires, and now it's just weapons in general.

Fashion and pop culture are so tightly intertwined. Each one is always racing to catch up with the other's latest and greatest trends. Well score one for fashion, because while Hollywood is still wrapped up in vampires, the fashion world has moved a step forward. Vampires can only entrance women for so long before they realize they are just as bad as real men. So what is a stylish woman to do to signal her independence from the vamps? Wear her weapons as jewelry. I call this new trend, the Buffy effect.

Imagine usable brass knuckles on a necklace, bracelets made from railroad spikes, and little daggers that make a pretty pair of earrings. If these accessories are not deadly enough for you, you HAVE to see the high heels where the heels look like handguns. It's going to be a rough night for the other moms at PTO if they tick you off.

So maybe Mommy the Vampire Slayer look won't work for you while taking the kids to band camp this summer. However, can you imagine the look on your friends' faces when during the next girls' night out you show off your daring dagger earrings and pointed silver cuff bracelet?

It might be kinda wicked to step out on the town and be a little more deadly and little less motherly.

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