Neighborhood fashionista

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Columbus Parent

Being a mom is a full-time job and between taking care of the kids and going to work every day, fashion may not be at the top of your list.

Fear not, moms! We have put together a fashion survival kit for you. This list of "never leave home withouts" will have you looking fab even if your day looks drab.

The busy mom survival kit

  • Always keep lipstick and lip gloss in your purse for a quick refresher. I recommend a neutral color so it matches anything you wear.
  • Clear nail polish will keep a run in your hose from spreading. It also can act as a glue in a pinch. Put a dab on loose buttons to keep them from unraveling.
  • Eye shadow and mascara can be lifesavers. Put a light color under your eyes, such as white, to make yourself look more rested.
  • Keep on hand a comb or brush for those on-the-go hair emergencies. Cut clips and hairbands aren't just for kids anymore either.
  • A Tide To Go pen will make sure coffee never threatens your clothes again. Find them at your local Kroger or Walgreens.
  • Safety pins are God's answer to a terrible fashion accident.
  • Moist towelettes clean up errant makeup, spills and sweat.

Keep these items with you at all times and you will never look like an overworked mom again!