Cause and effect John "J.D." Black

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

John "J.D." Black III, 7, son of John and Susan Black of Canal Winchester; second grader at Indian Trail Elementary School.

"I want to be an architect when I grow up because I love to draw and design. At first I wanted to be a scientist but then I decided it would be too hard for me to pick which kind of science I like the most. Architecture sounded more fun and I want to enjoy my work. I mostly want to design bridges and houses. I'm practicing now by playing with Legos and tinker toys."

Cause: J.D. loves to draw and design. His parents purchased Legos so he could practice building. They encourage him to think about what he would like to do when he grows up.

Effect: As a result, J.D. is thinking about his future and it looks like college will be a part of it.