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An English teacher is being closely monitored after administrators said she assigned an inappropriate essay topic to her students.

The superintendent said the teacher asked students to respond to the question: "If you knocked your brother down, would you urinate in his mouth?" The teacher, who has an excellent record, assigned the question to engage the students in creative writing.

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At noon on Tuesday, President Obama addressed school children about the importance of staying in school. Were you angry about the speech?

10% Yes

90% No


I believe it is the job of our teachers we have chosen to be involved in our children's lives to encourage our children when we are not able to be there. And as there was controversy over having it aired during school hours, there could also be just the same controversy over having it aired in the comfort of our own home when our children were home for the evening with their parents where they were ready and available to answer any questions or comments with our own values and beliefs that have been instilled in one's family for generations.


Of course not. It's not like he's the first president to speak to children at the beginning of the school year! I'm glad Laura Bush spoke up in support of the speech.


I am embarrassed that the school district I teach summer school for and that my grandchild attends did not show it! It was the President of the United States talking to the students! Where is respect for the office? Our suburb has too many helicopter nervous parents and administration caved. Next, the students won't have to memorize the names of presidents -- it will be too controversial.


I can't believe the parents calling schools and trying to keep their children from seeing the President of the USA give a "work hard in school" message. I'm sure other countries have a low opinion of us.


I don't know why parents were so upset that the President told their kids to work hard in school. Do they not want their kids to work hard in school?


No and I'm glad my child had the opportunity to watch it at school. From what I've heard of the corresponding curriculum, I understand why some were upset and I'm also glad that my child's school did not utilize it.


All the controversy, all "the president is trying to sway our children with his socialist agenda," all the ridiculous panic, and look what the result was -- a speech to kids about working hard, staying in school and being responsible for their own futures. Ooooh, scary. Maaaaaybe if this had been the first time that a president had addressed the nation's children, I could see how some of the fear-mongering might have started, but this was with precedent (most recently by two Republican presidents, I might add). What a stupid waste of press coverage.


I don't understand this question. Why would an address from our President to our children invoke anger? He is our President who has taken an oath like all other Presidents to work to make America a great nation. Why would anyone question his care and concern for our children? I certainly have faith in our President.


Seriously, what was there to be angry about?