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Fall is my favorite time of year! Leaves turning colors, pumpkin carving, apple cider and new fashions!

So in order to be on top of the season, here is how to organize your closet so you're always coming out a fashion winner.


Guess what's back? Back again? It's my personal 1990s favorite -- plaid! Skirts, fitted shirts (no sloppy lumberjack hand-me-downs) and vests. Have a few pieces on deck, as plaid always comes back around, like a record, baby.

Wide belts on everything

Dress shirts, dresses and long sweaters beware you're about to get belted in the waist. The wide cinched belt craze is alive and well in the fall. Buy one in a fun accent color and wear it until the trend passes.

Black is the new black

It's not like black was ever out, but now it's officially reigning supreme. All hail this slimming, never-hard-to-match color! Having a really bad wardrobe day? Go head-to-toe black with colored shoes and purse.


Spring, winter, summer and fall, these sweet neck accessories are still hot or cool depending on the season. Keep adding to your collection. Scarves of all textures, colors and lengths can make any outfit pop.

Striped tights

The Punky Bruster/ Rainbow Bright look is the fall staple in leg wear. Trash your boring beige for something spicy like rainbow, or black and white. Paired with boots and a black outfit it works. Use too much color and your coworkers will think you accidentally got dressed in your 13-year-old's room, in the dark.

For the rest of the top 10 in fall fashion check out the next edition of Neighborhood Fashionista in two weeks.

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