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Make the 2 quart conversion

Tape a clear plastic page protector, like the kind used in three-ring binders, to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door, leaving room at the top for paper inserts. Then simply print out a list of common quantity conversions and anything else you find yourself frantically running to look up during dinner prep. If you don't want to work with your cabinet doors open, you also can hang your recipe from the outer cabinet handles with a pants hanger.

Practice your end zone dance

It helps to play music while you clean. It really keeps you motivated, and you can cut a rug while you sweep it.

Stop getting called for dusting interference

The more knick-knacks, the longer the cleaning time, since each one has to be dusted and moved. Keep only the items you truly like and sell the rest at a thrift shop. The house looks less cluttered because there are less "things" scattered about.

Speak out

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