Earth mama

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Columbus Parent

It feels like we went straight from summer to winter. We only got a few of those sunny, warm, cool breeze days that fall promises. I guess that's Ohio weather for you.

With frosts on the way (or already here), the fruits and veggies we were used to getting fresh from local farms will be imported from far and wide. That means they will come with high environmental costs, along with a high sticker price.

Here are five autumn vegetables that are rich in nutrients and might come to your grocery store from somewhere a little closer than Panama:

Kale - Leafy green and stuffed with vitamin K and lutein

Cauliflower Vitamin C, vitamin K, and low in calories

Onions Studies show these tasty veggies can reduce your risk of cancer

Broccoli Fiber, vitamin C, and folic acid

Sweet potatoes Full of fiber and vitamin C