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Offline Name: Kristen Maetzold

My favorite Columbus MomStyle forums: Parenting, Women's Health & Kid's Health, Organize Your Life and Toddler Time. (Kristen also writes the Middle-Age Meets Motherhood blog at

I use the internet most for: e-mail

I got my first e-mail account: When I got my first PC in 1998. It was huge ... literally and figuratively.

Other websites I love: AOL for e-mail, Facebook and Twitter for staying connected, and for "mom sites" I like,, and because they all such have good tips, articles and perspectives.I'm a bit addicted to Google, especially when suffering an ailment of any kind.

My most embarrassing internet gaffe: It wasn't an e-mail, but it was what we used to call "top line" or instant messages at my old job. I was gossiping about someone in one of these instant messages - I know, not nice - and I sent it to the person I was gossiping about instead of the person I meant to send it to.Needless to say, I felt horrible.Seriously, it still haunts me.

My favorite thing about living in Central Ohio: It's tough to beat a Buckeye football game on a sunny Saturday.

One thing I would change about living in Central Ohio: The weather.I'm all about changing seasons, but I could do without the hot and humid and the wind chills.