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Columbus Parent

I got it because I don't like to pay for things I'm going to use once and then throw out (although, yes, I could be like my mother-in-law and wash out plastic baggies but that's more a cleanliness thing with her, and I like to think I'm helping my kids' immune systems by exposing them to germs on a semi-regular basis).

Anyhoo, I bought the Snacktaxi and I've been using it. And my review is I like it. I may even get one for my son who still packs a school lunch most days. The challenge there, of course, will be making sure he doesn't throw it out (we lost a lot of cutlery that way before I decided that applesauce is drinkable). You do have to be vigilant about turning it inside out and washing it after each use (the woman who raised my husband would approve). The fold-over edge and Velcro enclosure aren't 100% airtight, but if you make and refrigerate a sandwich the night before, it'll still be fine the next day at lunch.

--Jane Hawes, Editor of the new Columbus Parent