Columbus Parentpalooza!

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

We've been busting our humps to redesign and relaunch our favorite family-friendly publication. Starting today and definitely by Thursday, the August/Back-to-School issue will be available to pick up and read at more than 800 locations in Central Ohio (check out a directory of pick-up locations on the website, but you probably already know you can find it at places like libraries, schools, pediatricians' offices and Giant Eagles). And you can check the new issue out online!

In the meantime, that special prize giveaway we've been hinting at? It's here, too!

Columbus Parentpalooza is a two-week extravaganza of daily free stuff! Every Monday through Friday for the next two weeks, you can go to our Facebook page (Columbus Parent Magazine) to find out what the prize is and enter to win! And we'll announce our winner the next day on Facebook and Twitter.

So go! Shoo! What are you waiting for?!

-- Jane Hawes, Editor of the new Columbus Parent