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I've only seen my husband cry once in nearly 19 years of marriage, and that was on the second day of our first child's life.

There she was in the crib next to my hospital bed - tiny, wrinkled and miserable in that way that only 30-hour-old humans can be. Nothing would console her. Not another round of nursing. Not another six-mile hike up and down the hallway. Not even a big, warm daddy hand on her tummy. She was miserable and she was going to let everyone within earshot know it.

"I think she just has to cry it out," I told him. "I think she needs to wear herself out before she can fall asleep."

But that wasn't good enough for him as tears trickled out of his new daddy eyes. There had to be something he could do. There had to be something we didn't know, something that - if we could just figure it out - would make everything better.

In the 17 years since then, I've often thought back to our first shared quest at acquiring parental knowledge. How often have we tried to figure it all out and make everything better for these marvelous little creatures - who quickly grow into marvelous big creatures?

These shared quests for knowledge are what unite us all as parents. We sit over cups of coffee in playgroups, comparing notes on our children's feeding, sleeping and pooping habits (eager to assure ourselves we're not the only ones who have fed a kid Pedia-Lax).

We gather in online chat rooms and share what we know about shoelace-tying techniques, playgrounds where a kid with CP can truly play, and restaurants with more than chicken fingers on the kids' menu. We huddle on the edges of wind-whipped soccer pitches and sun-baked swimming pools, and question our collective sanity.

For 22 years, Columbus Parent has been a part of this shared adventure in parenting. With this month's issue, we recommit ourselves to the honor and responsibility of being The Go-To Guide for Central Ohio Families.

Before redesigning the magazine, we talked to parents, teachers, doctors, business owners and kids. We heard you say you want more ideas and more information about all the fun things to do and great places to go in Central Ohio. Telling you about problems was OK, but spelling out solutions is better. And you want it all presented in a way that's easy to read and quick to digest.

What you're reading right now represents a lot of work by a lot of very dedicated and talented people. So read, enjoy and then share your thoughts on our website. Or use our Facebook page or Twitter feed (we'll friend and follow you back, we promise!).

When I recall my second day of parenthood and the tears that my husband and I shared, I realize that the ways in which we share the adventure of parenting may change, but the need to connect does not. I look forward to connecting with you now.