Plane Spotting in Columbus

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Please note: The website that we refer to in this post is no longer active.

When my kids were growing up, part of going to Port Columbus airport meant allowing a little extra time to hang out and watch the planes take off and land. It was definitely one of the simple but great joys of childhood (not to mention parenthood!).

Well, fast forward a few years and one day I stumbled upon a website dedicated to the joys of plane spotting at Port Columbus. Turns out we’re not the only ones who enjoy this past time! This site has a map of five spots for prime viewing and a photo glossary of airplane types.

I wish I knew who to thank for this website but there’s no contact info. However, I have vetted it with the folks at the Columbus Regional Airport Authority and they gave the site a collective thumb’s up for accuracy and enjoyment.

So, check it out and then build a little time into your family’s schedule to stop and watch the planes go Zoom!

--Jane Hawes, Editor of the new Columbus Parent