Viral Videos

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Viral videos are the best for wasting time and feeling connected to the world, are they not? Occasionally we’re going to cull the best YouTube offerings we’ve stolen from our Facebook friends and heave them your way.

This week, we’ve got two that have long since gone viral and another that we think deserves to go viral.Check ‘em out and prepare to go “awwww!” and then “yaaaay!” and then “whaaaaat?”

The one that’ll make you go “awwww!” (be sure to watch it all the way to the end when the cuteness goes off the charts):

The one that’ll make you go “yaaaay!” (hint: this is the flash mob that started the whole flash-mob phenomenon):

And then the one that’ll make you go “whaaaaat?” (hint: before there was kindie rock, there was Japanese girl band Shonen Knife; just try to keep the kids from bouncing off the couch cushions when they hear this):