Sara Ceccarello-Huselius

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Age: 32

Job: Stay-at-home mom, and this year with the kids in school and preschool, hopefully I will have more time for the Lady Jackets!

Husband: Kristian Huselius (a forward with the Columbus Blue Jackets.) We've been together for 9 years.

Kids: daughters Stella, 6, and Nova, 3

Neighborhood: Upper Arlington

If you had to be on a reality-TV show, what would it be?

"Dancing with the Stars," for sure! Its a great show! Im not the greatest dancer, but I would love to experience dancing with the professionals.

Who's your favorite movie mom?

Sandra Bullock in "The Blind Side." I admired her heart and spirit. To help a child pursue his or her education and dreams is extremely admirable.

Which superhero power would you like to have?

I would like to be able to fly, so I could take off and visit my family and friends in Sweden for the day, and be home by dinner.

Favorite thing to do for family fun in Central Ohio?

We love to spend time at the Zoo or take the girls to COSI.

Favorite restaurant to take the family?

Benihana, the Japanese restaurant. It has great food, entertainment and service. I wish I had those cooking skills in my kitchen...

Favorite way to spend a non-game day?

We enjoy lounging around the house in the morning, grabbing a late brunch and spending time as a family. Kristian always gives me a little time to myself. I usually spend that time going to the gym or treating myself to a little shopping.

What's the most played song on your iPod?

Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire." The song gives me "wings" when I run!

What's the funniest thing your child ever did that you wish she hadn't?

One afternoon Stella and her friend got into my make-up drawer, found my scissors and decided to cut their hair. Thanks to Nova, who told me what they were up to, Stella still has her hair. I can laugh now, but I wasn`t happy at the time.

What's the biggest difference between your children?

Stella is a lot like Kristian, she has endless energy. Nova on the other hand is much calmer.

What's something your parents did that you thought was nuts when you were a kid and now you understand?


The Lady Jackets, representing wives and partners of players, is part of the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation. One of the Lady Jackets' biggest fundraisers hits Nationwide Arena next month, Dec. 4-18, when they collect bids at each home game for gift baskets they've assembled (with electronics, recipes, movies and at least one autographed item by a Jackets player). All proceeds go to help local charities. Stop by the Foundation Corner behind Section 111 in and make your bid!