Hover Hockey

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

The bad weather has had me searching for fun indoor things to do. The kids seemed tired of their board games and I was looking for something a little more active.

We have talked about getting an air hockey table but don't really have room for one. Plus I hate investing in high-dollar items unless I'm sure the kids will use them — a lot!

I was excited to find a storable version of air hockey. Hover Hockey has a puck with a fan built into it so any hard surface can become a game table. During a recent snow day, the kids and I blew up the inflatable rink, which creates an enclosed, rectangular-shaped playing a area. We played on the floor. The pushers have felt bottoms so I wasn't worried about scratching my floor.

The kids thought it was cool and no one complained about having to crouch over the playing area, which also could be set up on a table.

When we were done, we deflated the rink and put it back in the closet.

Sportcraft makes two versions of the toy. One sells for $24.99. The other $9.99.