Letter from the Editor

Jane Hawes

When I started as editor here, my youngest was in the sixth grade: Now he's graduating from high school in June. My oldest was in high school: Now she's a working girl of 22. Having safely steered two kids to this point in their lives, I would love to kick back and say, "My work here is done!" But a parent's work is never done, is it?

But my work onColumbus Parentis done after this issue, and this is a bittersweet moment for me and my family. After 5+ years and 68 issues on theParentbeat, I have decided to head on to new adventures. This experience truly has been an adventure, and I have been so fortunate to meet and get to really know so many inspiring people and organizations while servingParent's readers.

I am handing the reins to Julanne Hohbach, who has been my colleague here in the Dispatch Media Group for several years. She is not just a superb and experienced journalist and editor, she's also a mom and, most importantly, she. gets. it. Like you, she lives the challenge of raising happy, healthy kids and keeping it all in balance every single day.

I'm going to enjoy becoming "just" a Columbus parent again and I look forward to reading all about us in these pages.

Now go give those beautiful families of yours a big hug!

-Jane Hawes