It's National School Counseling Week

Melissa Kossler Dutton

If your child is fortunate enough to have a counselor in their school, take the time to thank them for their efforts during National School Counseling Week (Feb. 4-8).

School counselors help students address academic, career, social, emotional and development needs. They routinely work one-on-one with children and also lead schoolwide programming focused on bullying, building character and navigating relationships. To learn more about what they do, the American School Counselor Association has a helpful video at

Help your child brainstorm ways to thank his or her school counselor. Ideas might include drawing a picture, writing a note, baking a small treat or perhaps giving a gift card to a local coffee shop. The act will not only make the staff member feel good, it will teach your child the importance of showing appreciation to people who help them. If your child decides to write a letter, encourage him to describe how the counselor has helped him and how that has made a difference at school.

To learn more about National School Counseling Week, go to